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Berger Bros. School of Photography and Digital Imaging Classes, current and coming soon...

Digital 101 for Point & Shoot Cameras
This Digital 101 class is geared to the Point & Shoot user. We will go over basic terminology as well as basic concepts of how a Point & Shoot camera works. Presets, storing, archiving and sending your photos will also be touched upon. This class is not camera specific. Free with Purchase of Any Digital Camera ($50 without purchase).

Digital 101 for DSLR’s
Better understand the concepts of Digital SLR photography. Common terminology will be reviewed as well as shooting techniques, storing, archiving and sending of files. This is not a camera specific class. Free with Purchase of Any Digital Camera- ($50 without purchase).

Digital 102
While our Digital 101 class helps give a basic understanding of terms and phrases, the Digital 102 dives a bit more in depth into the subject. We go over color settings, white balance temperatures, exposure control, depth of field and other techniques to get the best images out of your camera. Learn about your histogram and how to read it to achieve perfect exposures and learn how to process RAW files. The DSLR menu will be covered more thoroughly but it is advised that a solid understanding of your camera and its controls is needed. Cost $50.

PhotoShop Elements 4.0 to 11.0
This is a four-week course designed to get even the novice working in Photoshop Elements. Each class is two hours long. Topics covered are basic file management, differences between JPEG and RAW files and RAW Processing. The course covers how to edit photos using adjustment layers to improve the overall quality of photos and an introduction to layer masking to selectively edit parts of images. Also discussed are making selections of photos to create photographic collages, portrait retouching, how to remove unwanted objects from photos and add them too and all the basics of cropping, resolution and straightening an image. This is a beginner to intermediate class and topics covered can relate to versions of 4.0 through 11.0 Cost: $160.

Westcott Lighting for Portraiture Seminar presented by David Piazza
David has over 30 years of experience in the photographic industry, shooting weddings, portraits, event photography and managing color labs. Westcott Technical advisor David Piazza has also had the unique opportunity of working with the most renowned photographers in our industry today. David will walk you step by step through the basics of image capture and lighting into some of the most desired lighting techniques. “Lighting for Portraiture” is a unique two-hour workshop that allows you to get up close and personal with the equipment used to capture award-winning images from the top pros. Seminar includes a comprehensive explanation of the different types of light and their properties, including color temperature, specularity and intensity; quality and importance of light and exposure in photography and with the use of digital image capturing. There is also a discussion of the similarities and differences between film and digital image capture and the effects of the different types of light in both mediums. Also discussed and illustrated are different types of lighting products: photoflood bulbs and reflectors, portable electronic flash, studio flash and new products.

PhotoShop CS6
This is a four-week course designed to give students a real working knowledge of PhotoShop for the photographer. Each class is two hours long. There is an emphasis on RAW processing, making adjustment layers to improve overall tonality of images. Also covered is layer masking to selectively edit parts of images and to create special effects. How to make selections to remove parts of images and extract images off their backgrounds will be covered. Portrait retouching including removal of wrinkles, whitening of teeth and other useful retouching tools will be demonstrated. This is a beginner to intermediate level class and covers all version of Photoshop from CS through CS6 - $160 (includes all 4 weeks).

Hands-on Introduction to DSLR Photography (Three Week Course):
The three week course will give the students a thorough working knowledge of their camera. Topics are to include but are not limited to: exposure, apertures, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO, file size and type. Composition and post processing techniques will be introduced.

Hands-on Intermediate DSLR Photography (Three Week Course):
This is an intermediate hands-on three week course that will expand on the basic concepts of digital photography using a DSLR. The concentration of this three week course is aimed to help the student with achieving the best correct exposure for their photography. Composition and post processing will be stressed. Students are given weekly shooting assignments in this class and will submit them for critique.

Olympus E Series DSLR’s
Is reading the 400+ page manual not your thing? Join us for this comprehensive class to go over the Olympus E series DSLR inside and out. Learn the functionality of the camera from top to bottom, including all on camera settings and be instructed through all menu options to become better acquainted with your camera's potential. Get the most out of your DSLR and stop shooting on AUTO today! COST: $50 ( free with purchase of an Olympus DSLR). Instr: Olympus Tech Rep

Olympus FE Series Manufactures Class / Olympus SP Series Manufactures Class
These Olympus manufacturer's classes go over the functionality of the Olympus FE and SP series cameras. Learn your cameras functions inside and out. Learn hands on things you may have never known about your camera. Cost: $50 (Free with purchase of an Olympus point & shoot camera). Instr: Olympus Tech Rep

Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom 5.0
Lightroom is an organizing, editing, and printing software program that was designed for the photographer. When set up properly Lightroom can cut down post-processing time dramatically! Learn all the basics of setting up your library and import and export preferences to increase productivity. The develop module in Lightroom can edit images and batch process effortlessly. Printing has never been easier with Lightroom’s print module. You still need Photoshop for heavy editing and retouching but you will spend about 80% of your editing in Lightroom the rest in Photoshop. This is a four-week class and each class is two hours long. $160.

Nikon Speedlight Class (all current flash models covered)
This class will take you thru all the functions of the Nikon Speedlight and covers off camera flash photography, multiple flash photography, exposure compensation with flash, fill flash, flash modifiers & second curtain sync and white balance with flash. Bring your Nikon Speedlight and camera to the class! Cost $50. ($25- with purchase of a flash from Berger Bros.)

Canon Speedlite (all current flash models covered)
This class will take you thru all the functions of the Canon Speedlite and covers off camera flash photography, multiple flash photography, exposure compensation with flash, fill flash, flash modifiers & second curtain sync and white balance with flash. Bring your Nikon Speedlight and camera to the class! Cost $50 ($25- with purchase of a flash from Berger Bros.)

Datacolor – Spyder calibrations and its role in digital work flow
In this course we will be discussing the basics of color calibration and what this service can provide for its user. We will talk about color management in programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. We will also go over the specifics of our Spyder 4 color management steps including Spyder 4 Print and how they can improve your end product while saving you time and money. A demonstration of the product will follow and a thorough question and answer session for anything not covered in the class. At the end of the course there will be a drawing for a Spyder 4 Elite. Class is presented by Datacolor Tech Rep. Class is free!

Nikon’s Capture NX2
Join us as we take you on a ride into the world of image editing. Using Nikon's Capture NX2, We will demonstrate how quick, easy and fun image editing can be. In the digital age, know-how of software is a must! Topics covere include: Brief introduction regarding transfer, organization and basic NEF (RAW) editing; Non-Destructive image-editing attributes; Capture NX2 unique feature set; Simple edits to transform your images; Advanced editing techniques and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography with single NEF images. Class fee varies depending on length of class.

Nature Photography Workshops
Berger Bros. offers an extensive schedule of one and two day Nature Photography workshops, seminars and Photo Safaris across Long Island. Subjects include Macro, Landscape and Wildlife Photography. Explore the beautiful park lands of the Island to photograph wild subjects or join us in a captive birds of prey session at one of the rehabilitation centers while learning about the rewarding world of Nature and Wildlife Photography. Local experts help instruct these seminars.

Printing & Color Management
This is a two hour class designed to cover all the basics for in-house printing through Photoshop and Lightroom. The first step in any color management workflow is the calibration of your monitor. The often confusing Color Space will be explained and discussed. Properly using ICC profiles and setup of printer and PhotoShop / Lightroom preferences to optimize printing will be emphasized.

Macro Photography Workshops
Learn how to use different lighting for Macro Photography including ring lights, single strobes and available light. Try a variety of Macro lenses during this workshop. This class is not only for the Nature Photographer! Jewelers, dentists, collectors and Ebay auction photographers will benefit from this hands-on seminar.

Digital Video & Final Cut Pro
Learn about the exciting world of Digital Video! This class will teach you new techniques in video such as lighting, audio, shooting angles, techniques and using video accessories to help in your “production.” Explore the world of Video Editing by learning how to import your video into your computer, adding a music soundtrack and titles and optimizing your video for perfect output.

Sports Photography
Designed for advanced and intermediate photographers. Learn how to capture the moment and shoot like the pros! Topics include focusing, techniques, lens choices, metering techniques and field positioning. Knowledge of your SLR is a must!

Plus manufactures seminars by Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus and Sony

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